Sunday, April 9, 2017

2016 Review Continued

2016 Review continued:

After the Christmas activities it was time to start our departure from St. Louis,"De sooner De better" as the saying goes. Weather turning cold and snow in the forecast.

Our plans were to head to Red Bay for some much needed repairs and upgrades. Our lovable Bus was approaching 7 years old and many of the appliances had decided to go on a coop.

  1. Our Microwave went door switch broke right before Xmas.
  2. Dryer timer wouldn't work
  3. Washing machine leaking at the door gasket.
  4. Toilet would not add water.
  5. We were also thinking of upgrading the front and back TV to flat screen, as they were the original tube TV
  6. We decided to get Satellite installed. 
  7. We were also having some Aqua Hot issues that would need to be address.
  8. Bay Diesel engine/generator routine maintenance.
  9. Odds and Ends that always come up.
We arrived in Red Bay December 28, 2016 and waited for the Service Center to open up on January 2, 2017. Red Bay Service Center shuts down for about 2 weeks over the Christmas - New Year time. 

After all our work was completed, we were behind schedule. We had a rather difficult time getting the Aqua Hot fixed. 

We were due in Quartzsite\, AZ to meet with David and Brenda Boot at the OberFest Get Together. We missed the better part of their festivities but all in all had a great time with them and then stayed on out in the BLM area to view the Quartzsite RV Show.
Our Bus parked at Plomosa Rd BLM 

Local Hummingbird joining us for Happy Hour.

It had been many years since we had been to Quartzsite and we thoroughly enjoy the quirky little town.


Saw us head for Yuma, AZ. We tried the Escapees KoFa Park and we were not impressed. We also had been here several years back and we didn't like it then either.

So I started going thru the RV Show literature looking for some coupons for RV parks to try.

After visiting several we settled on a 55+ Resort. We took advantage of a 3 night free stay coupon. We had such a great time and we were surround by a great group of RV couples manly from Canada and a current workamper couple. We extend our stay till early March and a great time. The men introduced Art to thrill of ATV riding. I often went to the quilting session. Bingo was also a favorite pass time.

We have plans to go back the winter of 2017.


We spent several hot and dusty days attending The Rally in the Valley, in Chandler, AZ. Not impressed. Very disorganized and way to big. We did attend some very good seminars and one night of great entertainment.

We had plans to stop back in Red Bay, AL to have a few tweaks addressed on the motorhome on our way to St Louis.

Chris Berry from MakingSawDust rebuilt my kitchen cabinets. Many of the rails and the bottom of one cabinet was not holding up.
 We parked at Red Bay Self Service Campground, which is our favorite place to stay. Not as noisy and less dusty. We met up with quite a few friends that we have gotten to know over the years. 

We got together with a total of 6 couples and we headed to Reeves Fish and Steak House in Golden, MS. A favorite of ours. 
We also went to a favorite Mexican Restaurant in Belmont but I didn't get any pictures. 

That pretty much sums up our travels. We are currently in St Louis, MO for the summer. I will have a left shoulder total replacement on April 14, 2017 and stay for rehab. 

Thursday, March 30, 2017


March 30, 2017

Well here we sit in Red Bay, AL, with some good friends, well at least Patsy King is, not sure about Richard, his status changes on any given day (or hour). They left yesterday. Had a great week visiting with them.

Richard has shamed me into updating my blog, hassling me that he often checks. He informed me that the information I just posted on my blog was wrong . That's odd, I informed him I hadn't posted recently.He tried to prove me wrong and showed me the website. Here is the funny part - he was on the wrong blog. So with that said, I knew it was time to update. Ironically, the last post was when we were with him in Canton, TX.

After Canton we made our way to St.Louis. It was to be a trip  of Dr. appointments and surgeries. Art was scheduled in May for test and biopsy, which all show great news.

June 2016 saw me getting surgery 2 disk decompression and a spinal fusion at L4 L5. That surgery proved to relieve lots of back and leg pain that I had for years and had failed to respond to steroid injections.

August 2016: Art was so pleased and impressed with my neurosurgeon and my results he decided to get evaluated for his back pain. He had surgery to decompress 2 disk.

September 2016 saw us going to Connecticut to visit with our son and daughter-in-law and to watch the girls for a long weekend so they could attend Arthur''s Naval Academy Reunion in Annapolis, MD

We stopped in Kentucky for more Bourbon tasting and viewing the "Craft" distilleries we had not seen.
 We passed thru Cincinnati, Ohio and stopped to see a dear friend from my Real Estate days who moved to the area. Betty Fritsch and me on her front porch. She had such a darling house  and our visit was too short.

We packed lots of activities into that weekend. Pumpkin Patch trip, Stepping Stones visit and of course playing and cooking with Nannie and Grandpa.

We arrived before the girls got home from preschool and sat just inside the back kitchen door where they come in.

Guess they remembered us !!!

A visit to Stepping Stone Museum - A favorite of the twins

Painting on the wall with water. They loved it.

October 2016 I had scheduled a right Total Shoulder Replacement so my time was spent in recuperating and Physical Therapy.

November 2016 THANKSGIVING: We planned on spending it with Tyler and Heather in St. Joseph, MO. We had a great time and good food.

 That's a large turkey for 4 people. Lots of leftovers !!1

Pumpkin pie, cheesecake and Heather's special brownies she made for me without flour.

DECEMBER 2016 . Saw both boys and families being able to make it to St. Louis. First time in years. First time for Christmas for the girls.

Stay tuned more to come:

Thursday, May 12, 2016


April 11 - 16, 2016

Several Texas Tiffin owners got together and put on a fantastic RV rally. Kudos to all who worked to make this a success. The rally was held at Mill Creek RV Ranch and Resort. Located in Canton, TX . Canton is well known for it's First Monday Trade Days. This is a 200 acres site with a mixture of RV lots and cottages to rent.

This is the first RV rally we have had a chance to attend in a really long time. We were super excited to make the list from the wait list. When the rally was first posted we were not really sure if we would be able to attend, so we put our name on the wait list.

All the organizers did a great job. Kudo's off to everyone. The vendors were outstanding in their contribution.

  1. Brannon Hutcheson from Custom RV in Vina, AL. Just outside of Red Bay did many repairs and installations. Windguard was able to provide their newer Razr In Motion Antenna at a discounted price for the first 15 people who signed up.
  2. Smart Weigh was available
  3. A mobile wash and wax was available
  4. Chris Berry: from Red Bay talked about his woodworking business and did a few jobs.
  5. MS RV Solutions: Carl Hall and Daniel Humphries from Red Bay presented a review of their business.
  6. Battery testing was available.
  7. Vogt RV,, had several 2016 for view/ sale and also contributed generously to the Rally. Thank Race for the BBQ. 
Lots of great knowledge was presented and shared.
Lots of great food was consumed. A Tiffin owner prepared an elaborate spread of Gumbo.
Lots of money in the form of 50/50 was given away.
 Our coach is the third one from the left
 Nice pool but to cool and rainy to test out


Saturday, December 5, 2015


In late fall, when the colors where at their peak, we took a self-guided tour of Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. Those who know us, understand our love affair, with old cemeteries. There are untold stories and history abound in these places.

So after being in the area over a year, we decided it was high time to check put this historic, famous old cemetery.

A brief history of this Sleepy Hollow uncovers a wealth of stories. You can search and read for

yourself. I was not on a search of the history of Sleepy Hollow or the ghost of Ichabod Crane or other such notorious creatures, rather the rich history of others buried there, including all those from various wars.  Here are some examples.


Vanderbilt Family Plot

Vanderbilt Family Plot

The Fall Colors were so vibranant

The Fall Colors were so vibranant

Rhinelander Mausoleum. There some wonderful architecture styles around cemetary 

Andrew Carnegie Plot

Andrew Carnegie thought so much about his staff that he included them in the family plot.

Chrysler Mausoleum. Rather plain consider what he was known for. 

Leff Mausoleum 

Couldn't find out much about him but he obviously loved his pipe.

Bronze Lady outside a Mausoleum 

Rockefeller Mausoleum 


Looking in the inside of the Mausoleum

Washington Irving - Family Plot

Soldiers Grave.

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